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Two landmark agroforestry events in Ukraine

Report sent by Vasyl Yukhnovskyi

The Department of Forest Restoration and Melioration of NULES of Ukraine has celebrated its 100th anniversary since the founding on November, 6-8 2019.  On that occasion the International Scientific and Practical Conference "Reforestation and Forest Melioration in Ukraine: Background, Current State, Challenges of Today and Prospects in Anthropocene" has been held.

Scientific, pedagogical staff and students of the Forest Institute, colleagues from other universities, forestry producers from different regions of Ukraine, representative State Agency of Ukraine and the Forest Resources Association of Foresters Ukraine, as well as NGO “Ukrainian Agroforestry Association”, alumni and friends of the department took part at the conference (a total of more than 150 people).


One of the key reports of the conference was the presentation of the chairman of the NGO  "The current state and prospects of agroforestry in Ukraine", which aroused great resonance among the participants of the conference.

The conference made a number of important decisions regarding agroforestry:

  1. To contact government agencies with information on the risks associated with the sharp deterioration of the environmental situation of agro-landscapes due to the suspension of deforestation and the management of windbreaks. Legislatively secure windbreaks to regular users.
  2. To restore the memorial sign (bas-relief) of the coryphaeus of steppe afforestation V. Skarzyńskyi.
  3. In order to promote scientific knowledge on forest reproduction and forest melioration at forestry enterprises, agricultural farms and among the population, it is advisable to cooperate closely with the NGOs "Agroforestry Association of Ukraine", "Association of Agroecologists" and "Ecoltava".

The second event was the celebration of the 200th anniversary of Victor von Graff, a pioneer of the steppe afforestation and native of Ovruch town in Zhytomyr region.

Foresters from all corners of Ukraine gathered In Graff's hometown on the day of his birth.

A memorial plaque by a prominent figure in steppy affotestation decorated the oldest building in the city center. Now there is a high school, in one of the classrooms, which opened a room-museum of V.E. Graff.

The program of the event, organized by the Malin Forestry College, hosted a scientific and practical conference "Forest regeneration: historical and innovative activities in the forestry industry". The presentation of the report "The Ideas of V.E. von Graff in Current Agroforestry" was made by the author of this message.

In this context, the conference approved the establishment of a 200-ha arable-forest system on the lands of the Malinsky district.

All speakers at the conference, city administration, students, expressed their sincere gratitude to the participants of the conference, the management of the Malin Forestry College for this unforgettable event and laid an oak alley in the central park of the monument of landscape art named after V.E. Graff.