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Two appointments in the Mediterranean to promote agroforestry

This autumn the two major Italian islands, Sicily and Sardinia, have made trees the protagonists of two relevant events.

The XII Congress in Palermo, organized by SISEF - Società Italiana di Selvicoltura ed Ecologia Forestale (the Italian Society for Selviculture and Forestry Ecology) – and the week of meetings dedicated to the Inauguration of the Forestry Year, promoted by the Autonomous Region of Sardinia.

Both the events have given the opportunity to present and promote EURAF 2020 conference in Nuoro (Sardinia) next May.

The congress in Palermo (12-15 Nov) was the framework for an academic confrontation at different levels on forestry themes, but also agroforestry issues were faced. A poster on EURAF 2020 conference was presented to the numerous participants.

The event in Nuoro (18-22 Nov) organized by FoReSTAS and the University of Nuoro, was more focused on agroforestry and Mediterranean agrosilvopastoral systems. Patrick Worms, President of EURAF was invited to present EURAF 2020 to local Sardinian institutions and authorities. He promoted the European Agroforestry Federation and the urgency to study the complexity of agroforestry making it an instrument for environmental sustainability and local development.

Patrick Worms, EURAF's president, presenting EURAF 2020 Conference.

A workshop organized on Tuesday the 19th by the Italian National Rural Network gave the possibility to deep the debate on scientific and technical aspects of agroforestry also through several projects on different agroforestry systems introduced to the public by several research institutions.

One of these projects, LIFE Regenerate was presented on the 20th at the experimental site in Santu Lussurgiu (Oristano) where the debate on the management of traditional agrosilvopastoral systems was promoted with local farmers, technicians, researchers and local associations.

In the astonishing mosaic of natural and agricultural landscape made of holm oaks woods, wooded grasslands and grazing animals we lived the authentic soul of Sardinian traditions: an ancient culture on local resources that will be shared with participants at EURAF 2020 next May though the warm hospitality of Sardinian people. 

Elighes Uttiosos, Santu Lussurgiu (Italy). Photo: Francesca Camilli