KC Upload

Note: This function is available for registered and logged in users.

After the registration process, you must log in the AFINET website. In the menus “Knowledge Cloud” and “Upload”, you can find the upload form, with which you can upload a document into the AFINET Knowledge Cloud.

In the upload form, first, you must upload the selected document.

Then, you must set required parameters (with a star sign [*]) of the document to be uploaded. These parameters will be the following:

  • Document type (eg. publication, poster, presentation, dataset, audio/video etc.)
    • Document’s subtypes (if it has: book, book section, conference paper, journal article etc.)
  • Document’s English title
  • Publication date
  • Authors
  • English description (abstract)
  • English keywords (which describe the document)
  • Document’s language
  • Access rights / license type (eg. open access, closed access etc.)

If you miss one (or more) of these parameters, the website will mark the missing fields (with an error message and a red border of the required, empty field). The upload process is not completed until you fill the required fields!

Then, you may set the optional parameters of the document to be uploaded. These parameters can be the following:

  • Document’s identifier
  • Publisher
  • Contributor(s)
  • References
  • Additional notes
  • Original title, keywords, description (if the document was written in a foreign language)
  • Specific parameters depend on the type of the document
    • Journal title, volume, issue, date etc.
    • Conference title, date, place, website etc.
    • Book title, ISBN, publisher, date etc.
    • Thesis title, awarding university, supervisors.

Finally, the selected AFINET’s contact person will review the content and send you a feedback about the document to be uploaded.

Please note that any content can be uploaded only if the User ensures that his content is suitable for open dissemination, and that it complies with applicable laws, including, but not limited to, privacy, data protection and intellectual property rights. As a consequence, any publication can be placed in the AFINET KC Community in Zenodo with the consent of the authors! Contact persons do not take the responsibility for the suitability of uploaded publications for open dissemination.

If you already have an account, then you can log in here, otherwise, register for document upload.

For non-registered users...