Polish RAIN members met for the last time to determine next steps for agroforestry network expansion in Poland

The last meeting of the Regional Innovation Network (RAIN) in Poland was held on 12th July 2019 at Sławomir Sobiepanek’s farm in Głęboczyca (Mazowieckie region).

Debating in the vicinity of serene and idyllic countryside landscape, the participants were happy to share their experiences about the project and agroforestry in general. Plenty of new ideas came up during the visit in the farm.

The event was attended by 17 people, most of them farmers being the largest number of practitioners participating in the Polish RAIN meetings so far. That is a good sign! Within the group there were two Innovation Brokers, including one public officer, two representatives of public Agricultural Advisory Centre, and two representatives of local government (a mayor of rural commune and head of environmental unit in a district office). The share of attendants reflected very well the decision-making structure existing in Polish rural areas. 

The meeting was chaired by Robert Borek and Małgorzata Gałczyńska from IUNG-PIB. After a short presentation of AFINET results, the brainstorming session started, where participants had an opportunity to point out advantages and drawbacks of AFINET network. The survey (in an open question format) has been carried out during the meeting. The participants were invited to give their opinions on continuity and sustainability of RAIN network. Finally, the farmers and the other stakeholders decided to continue an experience of cooperation and to form a working group. The new network will be supported and led by Polish Agroforestry Association.

For more information on Agroforestry Network in Poland, see the websites (TBU):